One of our members, Rupert Jordan has produced 4 short entertaining videos introducing a beginner to the TRF. Just click the link below and go to the National TRF site to see the videos and interviews with Rupert and a beginner.

A beginner’s guide to the TRF

New member and potential new member inquiries to Mark Brown\ New Member Enquiries

TRF Membership join online is here

We run a forum where any questions get a swift response at Don’t forget to state where you live and how you found the forum (eg via the hertstrf website).

Events marked Beginners / non members/open to all riders are for anyone including non TRF and TRF members. All Beginners rides are free to non members unless clearly stated otherwise.

Regarding tyre choice, conditions can vary but beginners rides are achievable on road/dual use tyres with care and the route is selected with this in mind, however knobblies are always advised (take into consideration the weather).

Ride fees & the Fighting Fund

Current Members – No ride fee for any TRF member on our area.


Non /Prospective TRF members

Main Beginners ride each month (normally 1st Saturday) – No fee for 1st visit however donations to fighting fund to keep byways open are appreciated.

Second beginners ride or those who cant make main ride and go on TRF members ride (£10 refundable from joining fee) Only 1st £10 is refundable toward membership fee ie. you cant go out 3x and ask for £30 member fee credit.

If you are a habitual freeloader to TRF rides don’t be surprised if you are politely sent home

All monies raised to go to straight to the fighting fund to pay for Rights of Way work and keep the lanes open.  We are looking at spending £40k on defending lanes this year in Herts alone.

We are an inclusive fellowship – everyone is welcome and we share everything – and no reasonable request from either a member or prospective member will be refused.