What Spares

Don’t leave home without it

On your first ride you don’t need to take anything else other than a AA card and personal safety information. However, if you want to continue trail riding you should carry some essentials.

So you have the bike, the gear and a route to go test your skills on. Great, but have you thought what if?

Whilst out in the middle of nowhere the mechanical gremlins strike, you suffer a puncture or a fall breaks a lever. Do these issues call an end to your day or have you had the foresight to pack a few well chosen tools and spares to get you out of trouble.

The following list will provide some idea as to what the well equipped trail rider may carry:

  • Hydration Backpack
  • 21” Front inner tube (Can be used for rear also)
  • Short tyre levers x 3
  • Puncture repair kit
  • Bike pump
  • Front / Rear double ended spindle nut spanner
  • Towing strap / van strap
  • Split link
  • Chain breaker
  • Radweld or Ce-lit (For water leaks)
  • Chemical Metal (Repairs damaged engine cases etc)
  • Multitool
  • Screwdriver / torque bits
  • Spark plug
  • Spark plug spanner
  • 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 13mm spanners plus spanners for removal of both wheels.
  • Adjustable (small) wrench
  • Zip ties
  • Electrical tape
  • Spare fuses

The above list may look like a tall order, but with a little effort you will find that you can secure some of these items to your bike, providing it is safe to do so and in no way affects or interferes with the safe operation and handling of your machine. Otherwise dividing the items up and storing them in your pockets / backpack or fender / bum bag is the way to go.

You may be able to carry less if you know that you’re riding buddies are taking. You can decide who’s taking what so you don’t carry duplicate items.

Hertfordshire Map

For Hertfordshire get a Ordnance survey map (50,000/1) no 166 (Landranger Pink). The 25,000/1 (explorer orange) map shows more detail but you will not cover the area you want to ride due to its scale. The 50,000/1 is more suitable for motorcycling. Available online from the Ordnance Survey.

Hopefully the following will never be needed, but should always be carried.

For your own interest you should add a “In Case of Emergency” number to your mobile. If you were to have an accident which left you needing serious medical assistance and the remainder of the group were unable to inform your family or even return your bike, the ICE number would allow this.


You should also carry a crash card:


Your own safety is your own personal responsibility, and not of the TRF.

The following is a summary of suggestions from the TRF Forum and is probably only for the completely paranoid although there are may sound ideas herein.


Spare pair of gloves/socks

Reading glasses


Mobile smart phone with charged battery, charger, credit and mapping software

Old style phone with PAYG sim to suit area your riding in as backup for smartphone.


Bank/Credit card

£50 or more in a back pocket. So when you knock on the door of the farm and ask for help, you can at least offer to pay

First Aid

Clean handkerchief

Space blanket

First aid kit with Painkillers, resusciaid and gloves.

If somebody is injured, giving them any painkillers, food or drink could delay any treatment when they get to hospital. Ask first.


Crisp packet (Holds fuel well enough to transfer some if a bike runs out)

Bottle of drink (like the crisp packet – for emergency siphoning)

Energy bar

Hydropack containing, water


Spare bottle


Maps of the ride in case of GPS failure


Cable ties.

Chain link

Clutch and Brake levers

Connectors male and female

Baby wipes


Inner cable kit in a little tin

Inner tube(s)

Insulating tape/duct tape

Nuts and bolts, assorted

Puncture kit

Section of rubber radiator pipe tied to handlebars.

Spark plug

Tie wraps

WD40 50ml Can



Original bike tool kit including plug spanner and spare spark plug.  Check to see that you can remove the plug with the tools as some plugs are now buried deep in the cylinder head particularly on the 4 strokes

Adjustable spanner.

Allen keys

Chain breaker/riveter

Chemical metal

Co2 cylinders for bikes

Gerber, Leatherman or similar (multi function penknife thing).

Inner tube, front will fit the rear in emergency or carry both

KTM socket tool and sockets.

Sockets ¼” drive

Screw driver bits


Saw Fold up pruning

Small hand pump

Spark plug socket

Spanners for wheel nuts, taped to frame

Spanners 2-3 small

Tow rope/strap (multi purpose)

Tyre levers

Tyre inflator/ pump

Valve puller

Breakdown card

Sense of humour