Welcome to Hertfordshire TRF

We ride all of Hertfordshire and the surrounding counties and other areas such Devon, Peak District, and Wales. As well as riding in the UK we also travel abroad to ride. We ride an eclectic mix of bikes from gentle trail bikes to full on enduro bikes, quads to big off roaders such as the GS1200. We ride all year round and sometimes at night. Whatever type of riding you want to do we can accommodate you. There are usually rides every week and at least 1 Beginners ride every month, starting from different points around the county. We have members of all ages, both male and female.

What Bike?

One of the most common questions we hear when people start getting interested in trail riding is, “What bike should I buy?” Take a look at the link above for more info.

What Gear

We can help you choose the right type of kit and clothing so you can concentrate and enjoy your riding regardless of what the terrain and weather throws at you.

What Spares

Don’t leave home without it On your first ride you don’t need to take anything else other than a AA card and personal safety information. Check out our What Spares page.


We are currently looking at new training partners but the Ride Leader and other members will always be happy to advise with trainers they have used previously.


We have arranged members discounts with a huge number of suppliers with more being added monthly. Everything from Security Devices to Muckoff.


Beginner Rides are to be found mostly on the open Facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/groups/HertsTRF/ and Member Rides (more advanced than beginners rides) are on the closed member page.

Rights of way

See our Rights of Way page for Byways and Rights of Way Maps of Hertfordshire and other Counties, We are currently working on gps maps for our members.

GPS Maps

If you are think of upgrading your GPS and Digital Maps to help you stay on track with routable mapping our prefered company GPSTraining can help.


As the saying goes if you think safety costs too much time and money you should try an accident ! Please look at our Conduct and Safety page for more info.

Want to join us or find out more?

Visit our facebook page where you will find information on the latest events or visit our national site where you can join up.