Rights Of Way

Chairman’s introduction

The TRF is not only just about enjoying the bike the riding but also having somewhere to ride it.  Rights of Way (ROW) are at the heart of the TRF and given time it will become an obsession for many members.  For public path and Definitive Map Modification Orders (DMMO) an authority will have a list of statutory consultees and I am pleased to say that as a statutory consultee Herts TRF has a prominent role to play with the ROW Way department at Herts County Council with whom we regularly meet.

Herts TRF have a Rights of Way Strategy which is reviewed at our AGM at the beginning of each year.

We have produced this page separate to the ride out schedule both to inform you about the current ROW issues in Herts and what you can do to get involved and help.

Chair Herts TRF
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ROW officer’s introduction

As a general rule, the largest threat to Herts lanes to TRF riders, isn’t from Herts County Council trying to TRO lanes, it’s from Definitive Map Modification Order (DMMO) claims. Over the coming years, it’s very likely that there will be numerous occasions when the status of a “lane” becomes open to HCC definition and the efforts of the TRF will be required to either support, or challenge those decisions.

Members can support the TRF efforts, by riding the Unsealed Unclassified Roads available to us, recording the details of that ride and when asked, submit user evidence.

A DMMO application can be submitted to the Council, if a member of the public believes a path on the definitive map, is not correctly defined. This will include amongst other paths, other route with public access (ORPAs) that are not recorded as “unclassified roads”. In making the application, the applicant offers their view of what the path should be defined as.

ROW Officer Herts TRF
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